Captijn Insight reviews

No more reviews



With effect from 1 January 2018 we have removed our list of reviews from guests that joined our programs over the years.

After all, a review is a personal experience. Many organizations and companies 'sell' on their websites (only) the great success stories of guests or customers.


We no longer find this desirable or necessary. And also the so-called 'mouth-to-mouth advertising' for us is great and only express very little. It indicates the personal satisfaction and personal experiences and developments of our guests and that is of course wonderful for them and also nice to hear for us. On the other hand, who are we to share this experiences on the internet and on a website? They are and still remain private experiences that can be different for each individual person.


If you need a reference from us to convince yourself whether or not to participate in one of our programs ... then it only shows you have doubts. And when in doubt you should never catch up.


In that case be happy with what you have received / learned from our website. It certainly brings you one step closer to your success and to that what you really trust, what fits you better, and possibly need even more at this time.


Do you not need reviews, do you trust us and our approach and do you just want to give it a 1000% GO to give attention and work on yourself? No doubt…?

Then take that challenge to work with Captijn Insight!


Feel more than very welcome