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Not just interesting. From a good feeling, proven performance based on personal contacts and collaborations, Captijn Insight recommends following partners.



Arianne de Zwart


Bonded from the heart.

Arianne is an expert in teaching Zhi Neng Qigong. Exercises and movements for restoring balance at every level.

She is a certified therapist of Brandon Bays Journey Therapy. A deep meditative healing journey finding your inside.

Also she is guide in nutrition questions.  


Our contactperson: Arianne de Zwart


Presentation of authenticity

20 percent more sales by better conversations


Stop selling - Listen sincerely - Think along


2 to 4 percent of your behavior realy says something about your identity, while 100 percent of it is assessed. What you do and how you behave always have effect, which can be positive or negative. What do you show of yourself in a conversation?


The Dutch companyAuthenticiteit in beeld (Focus on Authenticity) in cooperation with Captijn Insight organizes the program "The Stage is Yours" at the Captijn Insight location in Thailand..


Our contactperson: Marcel Dassen

Hilsue Wong Find Me Studio Hong Kong

Private studio for engaged and creative personal reconnection, empowering and transformation.


Find Me, Find and heal your Self.

Find Me, Hilsue Wong, the facilitator in your process of exploring and healing.



Hilsue believes that everyone has the power to heal themselves. It is her passion to share the experiences and techniques she gained through her own healing journey to help others discover this power within, so that we can all live fearlessly, authentically and fully.


A graduate of The Four Winds Society’s Light Body School and The Centre of Transformational Coaching, Hilsue combines shamanic energy medicine with Deep Coaching techniques to help people to find their true essence and create a bigger map to navigate their potentials and possibilities. By reconnecting to the Spirit within, one is empowered from a profound place of inner wisdom where transformation unfolds.


Greatly inspired by the teachings of Tibetan Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön and Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, Hilsue carries their wisdoms and teachings not only in her heart, but into her life and her work.


Hilsue is also an AntiGravity® Yoga instructor, Angel Therapy® practitioner and Reiki Master. She loves nature, travel and being awed by the blessings and magic of life.


Our contactperson and companion: Hilsue Wong


Libertas in Vivo

Vrijheid in leven.

Libertas in Vivo is Latijn en betekent 'Vrijheid in leven'.

Libertas in Vivo helpt om iemands leven te co-creëren door:

  • Counseling
  • Training
  • Intuïtief management

Onze contactpersonen:

John van Trijp (Co-director):

Pauline Laumans (Co-director):

Online Talentmanager

Kijk op talent!

De tests van Online Talent Manager bieden u de mogelijkheid inzicht te krijgen in persoonlijke - en/of organisatietalenten. Onze testresultaten worden weergegeven in het Octogram (gebaseerd op het Quinnmodel), dit geeft uw opdrachtgever een duidelijke en zichtbare onderbouwing van uw eigen advies.


Onze contactpersoon: Bert Goos