More about Frans Captijn

More about the founder of the Captijn Insight website:

For most of his life, Frans Captijn (Haarlem, The Netherlands,1957) has searched for, discovered and developed the inner qualities and talents of individuals and organizations. His many years of training and experiences honed his abilities as a professional "talenteer," or discoverer of hidden talents within those individuals and organizations. He specializes in developing those genuine qualities and share hem which help contribute to a better world. Integrity and authenticity play a major role in his life.




“My mission is to let my experiences be the accelerating impulse for people and organizations who want to discover their so far hidden uniqueness and (latent) inner strength, talents and wisdom to make sustainable transitions in their life or organization. Actually to make my experiences available – and add value – for those who are in the mood to explore better - or finally the right - steps forward to flow creatively again. I am the catalyst in the process of discovering the insight into latent inner possibilities in life, love, family, business, career and work.


No single situation is the same. My extensive, international perspective and ever-expanding personal background and (life) experiences, are valuable in my work, serving and sharing in a creative, inspiring and enthusiastic way.


My shared motto, born out of years of personal experience: "Do not wait until it is too late to LIVE life.”  



Aside from his (non-conventional) management skills and expertise in the field of Crisis and Disaster Management, Frans has intensely trained and formed precision skills in the areas of: personal development, managerial and operational leadership, philosophy, acting (theatre), leadership development, talent management, change management, coaching and counselling employees on various levels, from different organizations and in different roles. This expertise he shares in the Captijn Insight programs.


His core strengths lie in authenticity, genuine commitment and interest in the individual, inspiring enthusiasm and motivating (challenging) people based on their qualities and (primary) talents. He is the author of the (Dutch) book 'Speurtocht naar persoonlijk meesterschap' (Expedition to personal mastery) , published on June 29, 2010.


He continues his deepening and widening experience in the field of personal development, search for inner talents and strengths and organizational development through study, training and practical experience. All this from his motivation to commitment and inspiration of organizations by the flourishing of individuals from their personal authentic power, skill and discovery of mastery.


'Mastery contributes to a better world -- people feeling and acting the best way while doing their specific tasks and sharing their specialization.' To find and help others reach that mastery is for Frans, a personal drive.


Personal mastery contributes to forming servant-, connecting- and inspiring leadership. Additionally, to communicate and act out of respect, sincere interest and commitment with others gives an inner resilience with the added value of responding in kind to developments in society and in organizations.


For more than 30 years, Frans Captijn has been active and skilled in the (top) management of the world of physical safety and crisis and disaster management. His formal educational in the fields of engineering, architecture and catering -- and consecutive activity in the hospitality branch and the world of (international) Construction (Saudi Arabia) – prepared him well for his current vocation and mission in life.


Frans considers the hospitality of the work retreats and his role as a catalyst in these programs a personal mission and a natural use of his passion. He can touch people in their heart to help open up their inner passion, and inspire as well as challenge and help develop their personal power.



Tree of life

The tree of life shows the cooperation and combination of the personal (main) Talent-DNA. It shows the way a person, in his/her strength and with all his/her talents, is on the Earth to do the things he/she has to do in life (and therein be happy and can just ‘BE’).


There is a blueprint underlying the Tree of Life that may give insight into the hierarchy and interrelationships of talents and the direction of life mission. The Cabalistic tree of life has intuitively served as a basis for this blueprint. The tree itself is an archetype. You may come across the tree of life in all kinds of cultures such as the Jewish, America Indian and the Egyptian ones.


The picture on the right shows the Tree of Life of Frans.