Body re-balancing movement

Body Re-balancing, introduction Trager approach

The ultimate experience of Mind & Body connection.



There is a way of being

which is lighter,

which is freer.

A way in which work

as well as play

becomes a dance

and living a song

we can learn this way.

(Milton Trager)



Body re-balancing, involves instruction in the use of self-care movements. Simple, effortless movements (some call it even dumb movements) to encourage playful exploration of "what could be freer" for your body. To enter a state of nothingness.


Integrating body re-balancing into your daily life (or just to remember the feeling you explore) will allow you to enhance and recall feelings of ease, freedom, flexibility and joy. Body re-balancing can become part of the way you take care of yourself and relieve stress and tension.


There are 3 distinctive factors to make this an unique approach or discipline:


1.    We concentrate and become very aware of the weight of the body parts we are focusing on at the time.

2.    We allow ourselves to be playful an to go for explorations, examination and discovering.

3.    We continuously ask ourselves questions:

a.    “What could be freer”…?”

b.    “What could be lighter…?”

c.    “What about doing this with half of the effort…?


We also work with shifting weights. Very gently and slowly moving and let the weight of body parts do the work.


“Once you learned how to shift weight you never have had to wait anymore”



"The hardly noticeable shifting of your weight while standing will bring you into a state of emptiness.

And this state of emptiness is everything.

(Milton Trager)


Touched by this introduction? Find a certified  Trager approach terapist in you own country.


Short movies I sometimes used during my Body-Rebalancing classes: