Buddhist Philosophy

Buddhist philosophy at The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort

Discover more about inspiring Thai/Tibetan Buddhism


Visiting The Pavana Chiang Mai Resort and playful learning? Get an introduction to and discover more about Buddhist philosophy, principles and Thai culture. An enriching way of enjoying your holidays!


The ‘Western world’ is a world of ‘doing’, the ‘Eastern world’, among other things with the Buddhism as an assistance, a world of ‘being’.


It is not necessary to romanticise the Eastern or Western world. But it’s good also to understand a little bit of the Eastern World (and the Buddhist ethics) as an option. To improve your in-sight, to adapt, to understand. To enjoy even more.


Be inspired in a session of all together about 1½ hours (incl. food offering (Tak Bat) to our village monks at 6.30 AM and followed by a private lecture), to explore more about Buddhism and Thai culture.


Learning and understanding more?

There are many books you can find in a bookshop or library. Many articles to find on the internet. It's just a matter of finding the right personal connection.

A book I really can recomend is: Buddhism Explained (Laurence-Khantipalo Mills. Isbn: 9789747100853)


Really want to transform your life(style)? Get some playful inspiration!

I can recomend the books:

The Monk who sold his Ferrari (Robin Sharma. Isbn: 817992162X)

The unthethered soul (Michael A. Singer. Isbn: 9781572245372)