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Growing by sharing 

Our work programs support you in your own personal quest and development. The "seed" you can find in yourself will help you on your path of life. To grow as a person or as an organization you can if you have enough space, attention and nourishment. If you can function in a setting and atmosphere that invites you to develop your talents to the fullest and make use of these talents and get appreciation for the "harvest" you deliver.

An enormous stimulus to grow is if you are willing to simply share experiences and help each other from a healthy balance between giving and taking.


We do not believe in jelling marketing campaigns. Our choice is a sustainable and balanced slow step by step growing.

Mouth to mouth 'marketing' really makes us happy and we see it as a compliment. Still this are all personal experiences.


Reasons for the Captijn Insight team, by using the buttons on the left of this page, to share both our ideas of experiences of our guests/participants and interesting links.